Lock and Hide Folder on Windows 10

Lock and Hide Folder on Windows 10 Reason to Lock and Hide Folder Every day we keep our personal files to computers. If you use a computer that others use too, or your computer is always connected to the Internet, your private files might be under the threat of being revealed. Maybe you carry around… Read More »

Powerful Video Compression Software on Windows 10

Powerful Video Compression Software on Windows 10 Why to reduce the video file size? The reason to compress movie video file size can be various: file size is too big when uploading to some video  sites, want to store more moive files on our multimedia storage device, the screen resolution of portable devices do not… Read More »

How to Combine Mov Files on Windows 10

How to Combine Mov Files on Windows 10? Search to find a MOV Joiner to join multiple MOV files into a big one? Ever want to merge MOV files without re-encoding? Ever dream to combine MOV files as well as convert MOV files to many other video and audio formats? Ever dream to get a… Read More »

Easiest GoPro editing software for Editing GoPro Video on Windows

Easiest GoPro editing software for Editing GoPro Video on Windows GoPro is the best choice of action cameras because it is lightweight, can be mounted and compact in nature. GoPro can record HD videos and still photographs through a wide angle lens.  Want the easiest way to edit some exciting GoPro footage? Trying to sort… Read More »

Want to Free Record Skype video calls on Windows 10?

Maybe you want to store some Skype calls for later reference. Recording a Skype conversation, so you can view it again later? Whether it’s for a family time or a potential podcast, you only want a simple way to record your audio or video conversations with Free Skype Recorder. As we know that recording phone… Read More »

Turns photos and music into professional video slideshows in minutes

How to Make a Video from Pictures Wanna share with your dear friends or relative something special? Making a memorable photo slideshow for them? Select photos where you are both together, add some inspirational transitions, and complete your photo video with his or her favorite music. Et voila! Creating an unforgettable gift for a special… Read More »

3 Steps to Speeding up/Slowing down video on Windows 10

As we know Speed Up – make the video clips play faster,  Slow Down effects – make the video clips play slower than original speed. Usually, the Fast Motion/Slow Motion effects is used to make videos dramatic or funny. To  change the speed of video clip, Only 3 Steps : Gilisoft Video Editor allows you… Read More »

3 Ways to Encrypt and Protect your Data on USB Flash Drives

Because of USB flash drive has portability and huge capacities, you can store lots of data and information on one and easily mix ordinary files with files that should not be open to anybody else who accesses to the drive. But the fact is Flash drives are easy to use and easy to lose. So… Read More »

Free Record Audio with Sound Recorder in Windows 10

Since Windows 7, Windows  provide us a great free sound recording application you can use to record sounds – Sound Recorder.  All you need is a sound card and a microphone plugged in, or a webcam with a microphone built in. But All your recordings are saved as WMA(Windows Media Audio) files. Free Sound Recorder… Read More »

How to Convert MXF to MP4 on Windows

How to Convert MXF to MP4 Why to Convert MXF to MP4 MXF is Material eXchange Format, mostly used in professional digital camcorders like Canon XF305/XF300/XF100, Sony XDCAM, Panasonic HVX200,  etc to save video, audio and programmed data. For MXF video file, it is very difficlut for users to play on almost media players or… Read More »