A software capable to offer to protection for your data from a CD or DVD

FamousWhy Editor: There are various ways to keep your information safe in your computer: encryption software, anti virus, firewalls, passwords and more. However, when this information is leaving your computer, there is no guarantee that it is going to be safe as you want. I’m talking especially about companies (small, medium, large it doesn’t matter)… Read More »

Why encrypt all USB and other removable media?

There are many reasons why you should encrypt ALL of your company laptops, USB sticks and and other removable media – without exception. You must also CONTROL who can export / access data in the first place… Don’t believe us? Take a look at a some high profile cases which caused financial loss for all… Read More »

How to Password Protect a Folder?

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is the top most selling file encryption software available in the market offering more than a lot of privacy protecting features including Operating System independent locking protection, fastest 256-bit on the fly AES encryption, secure shredding and portability. With GiliSoft File Lock Pro you can password protect files and folders, even… Read More »

How to Encrypt Your USB Memory Stick in Case of Loss or Theft?

USB memory sticks are getting cheaper and cheaper while continuing to increase in capacity. This is great but also risky since now you have that much more information that can be lost or stolen. You can protect against your data falling into the wrong hands by encrypting the memory stick. This process is very simple… Read More »

How to encrypt files and folders with GiliSoft Private Disk?

GiliSoft Private Disk is a folder encryption software that offers fastest encryption on the fly for your files and folders and ensures maximum protection by applying 256-bit AES encryption. Encryption is the most reliable method to protect confidential files, folders, documents and financial records. GiliSoft Private Disk not only offers unbreakable protection for your sensitive… Read More »

How to Encrypt Folders?

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a fast and fool proof file encryption software that password protects, hides, locks and encrypts files, documents and folders. You can password protect data on your portable devices like USB flash drive, memory card, thumb drive and external drives as well. GiliSoft File Lock Pro uses 256-bit AES encryption which… Read More »

How to password protect files in a USB/External Hard disk?

How to password protect files in a USB/External Hard disk? [Q] I have a 80 GB Seagate External Hard Disk. I wish to password protect a few files [not encrypt the whole disk] in it. Is there any software tat can do this job.. Folderlock failed miserably. Google redirects to too many spam-ful freeware. Please… Read More »