How to lock drives?

GiliSoft File Lock Pro password protects your data in such a secure way that all protected data cannot be viewed without correct password, no matter how does the hacker try to temper the password locking protection of GiliSoft File Lock Pro. He cannot get into your protected files and folders.

How to lock folders and files through Context Menu?

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a File Folder Encryption software that comes with many privacy protection features and a much easier and better user interface. The program locks and encrypts your data and prevents any possible hacking and cracking attempt.

How to Protect Folders and Files?

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is the fastest File Encryption Software that can simultaneously lock and encrypt folders and files, and make them password protected. GiliSoft File Lock Pro is the easiest, fastest, reliable and most convenient software to protect folders and files.

How do I hide my pictures and private images?

GiliSoft File Lock lets you hide pictures and password protects them from unauthorized access by your friends, co-workers, kids etc. You can hide pictures and images in any format like jpeg, bmp, gif, png or any other available format. GiliSoft File Lock uses fast and instantaneous password locking protection to hide your files and guarantees… Read More »