A software capable to offer to protection for your data from a CD or DVD

By | May 21, 2010

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There are various ways to keep your information safe in your computer: encryption software, anti virus, firewalls, passwords and more. However, when this information is leaving your computer, there is no guarantee that it is going to be safe as you want. I’m talking especially about companies (small, medium, large it doesn’t matter) that are trying to keep sensitive information away from “curious eyes”. One of the most popular ways to move data from one computer to another is by burning it on CDs or DVDs.

Combining these two elements, Gilisoft developed a software capable to offer to protection for your data from a CD or DVD: GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator. This is a small but really powerful product that can burn password-protected CDs and DVDs.
Let’s see some of the most important GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator features, for a better understanding of what this application can provide.

– It offers a strong password protection system.
– Complete Security of your Data.
– GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator is portable so you can take it and install it wherever you need.
– You can create make ISO Image File.
-You can burn ISO Image File.
– You can easily make virtual discs.
– GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator comes with a user friendly and professional interface.
– GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator is extremely easy to use by everyone.
– GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator is compatible with all the major Windows platforms: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7

If you want to protect your CDs and DVDs that contain important and vital information, GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator is the best possible solution. It offers plenty of features, tools and a strong security system. It is cheaper (34.95$ for a full license) and more viable than most similar products.

Why is GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator famous?

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator is famous because it is one of the best CDs and DVDs encryption software. It comes with a highly competitive price, with plenty of features and tools and with a strong security system. GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator is easy to use and understand by everyone.

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