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How to convert M4V to MP4 format

Many people like to stay at home to play games or watch TV shows on weekends, but we occasionally encounter some problems when watching videos. For example, after downloading some videos of a certain format to the mobile phone, we find that they cannot be played at all. What should I do? manage? In fact,… Read More »

Video Converter Support for Nvidia CUDA Toolkit 9.2

Video Converter Support for Nvidia CUDA Toolkit 9.2   Hi, good afternoon from Spain. Please can you help me with Cuda activation in Video Converter products? I have a Geforce GTX 1050 3g Low profile. Last driver ver.   Windows 10 64. Last ver.  Cuda drivers 9.2.1 But I can’t check the Cuda option in a Video Converter (Clasic or Discovery).… Read More »

[Freeware] How to Convert MOV to MP4 with Free MOV to MP4 Converter

How to Convert MOV to MP4 with Free MOV to MP4 Converter Knowlege of MOV and MP4 MOV is developed by Apple Inc. Mp4 is developed by Moving Picture Experts Group. MOV is the filename extension of QuiTime multimedia file format. It can combine different types of multimedia data (video, audio and text). MP4 is a container format for… Read More »

How to Solve Windows Media Player Cannot Play MKV File

Overview When you download a video or a movie with the MKV format, and want to enjoy it on your Windows, it will probably disappoint you because the Windows Media Player on Windows can’t play MKV format video or movie. You will get the error message as follow: Windows Media Player cannot play the file.… Read More »

The Easiest and Quickest Way to Convert MOV to MP4

If you are looking for a video converter to convert mov to mp4, this website will help you a lot. Gilisoft video converter is quite simple and without quality lossness, just follow the steps below shows, you can complete the conversion in the fastest way! Step 1 >> Download and install video converter Gilisoft video… Read More »