A third-party report for GiliSoft RAMDisk

By | April 26, 2010

RAM Disk is a technology where you use your computer’s memory (or some people call it RAM) and make it into a virtual hard disk drive. People do that because the speed of RAM is so much faster for most kinds of storage and files on a RAM disk can be accessed much more quickly. Another factor is RAM are pretty affordable nowadays and most modern computers have at least 2 to 4GB of memory which we’ll never fully utilize. Ever get annoyed on how long it takes to run Adobe Photoshop? Even after using Firefox for a long time, you’ll notice that the best browser starts to crawl. Well if you install and load it in RAM Disk, I strongly believe that the time that takes to startup will definitely cut down by a lot. All you need to do is to install the software on the drive that is created with RAMDisk or if it is a database, set the program to load the database from the RAMDisk.

A third-party report for GiliSoft RAMDisk : 12 RAM Disk Software Benchmarked for Fastest Read and Write Speed

Thanks for Raymond’s great work.

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