An appropriate data security solution

By | May 3, 2010

With the rising incidences of data theft over the web, PC users are getting more conscious about security of their crucial and sensitive data. Owing to the serious results, they always keep trying to find an appropriate data security solution. Well, a variety of tools have been made available as a solution to such problem, but finding a suitable one could turn out to be troublesome. However, don`t waste your important time in searching such a solution, and simply try out the GiliSoft Privacy Protector. It’s an effective utility that facilitates you in locking and hiding your important files and folders, not just from the unauthorized users but also from malicious programs. The program is capable of preventing illegal operations like Trojan, Virus, Hackers, and Spyware from accessing your crucial data. It further imparts five methods of protecting your privacy that are Hide Data, Lock Data, Private Disk, Safe Delete, and Erase History.

Moving to the functional part of  GiliSoft Privacy Protector it executes with a dialog box prompting you to enter username and password for limiting access to the program and protected data. After which, it opens with a pleasing and neatly structured interface that is further integrated with self-explaining options. The program screen view begins with two options on the menu bar, below which the five protection modes are listed on the left. Now, when you select any of the provided method, its related functions are presented on right for taking the process further. Using the Hide Data and Lock Data options you can select and safeguard any of the files, folders and drives present on your PC. Moving further, with the Private Disk feature you’re provided with different Private Disks that can be mounted for storing data, and closed for applying the protection. Furthermore, you can choose files, folders, and disk for deleting the permanently from your system. Along with these, the program supports erasing the windows, internet, and application history. You can use the desired one or all the protection methods for safeguarding your data.

In addition to aforementioned protection methods, the GiliSoft Privacy Protector also allows you to modify its configurations relating secure delete, clean free space, private drive letters, and password.

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