First Impressions on GiliSoft File Lock Pro.

By | May 21, 2010

Today, there is a battle between encryption and data removing software and restore and recovering products.

When a new encryption technology is available, a new decryption method will appear soon. However, there are some powerful encryption methods that work even today. These methods are “old”, but extremely powerful and safe. As a proof to that, the US Government is still using the 256 bits AES encryption system. AES is a strong and reliable encryption method. Unlike a common system (64 or 128 bits), AES can provide a strong, unbreakable wall for any decryption software available at this moment.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is based on the same system. Basically, when we talk about powerful encryption we talk about either a 256 bits system or a Kernel core system. Both are viable and can offer a strong security. From my point of view, the 256 bits system is a bit better. It is more flexible and it supports some additional and useful features. I think this is the main reason why GiliSoft is using this system.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a great and powerful application. It is designed for corporate usage where is really important to protect your data. The highly accessible price recommends it for home users as well (only 24.95$ for a full license).

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is way cheaper than most of the similar applications, mainly because it incorporates only useful features. Every single tool from GiliSoft File Lock Pro has a purpose and is there for a reason.

You are not forced to purchase any useless elements like disk scan tools, virus check tools, defragmentation tools or anything else that may appear as “bonus” inside encryption products.

To end with, personally I’m really happy with what GiliSoft File Lock Pro provides. It has a great looking and professional interface, a powerful encryption system and a highly competitive price.

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