[Freeware] Convert MOV to AVI with Free MOV to AVI Converter for Windows 11

By | September 7, 2018

Convert MOV to AVI with Free MOV to AVI Converter for Windows 11

Why Convert MOV to AVI

If you have a movie in MOV format that you want to upload to the Internet to share with your friends or watch your mobile device, learn how to convert MOV to AVI – which may be the most popular video format is a good idea.MOV video formats are popular among Mac users because they were originally part of Apple’s QuiTime TeaTM technology. But it’s not very useful for Windows users because they need to install additional software to play MOV files. We recommend that you use the Free MOV to AVI Converter , which is one of the simplest conversion software in daily use and provides additional functionality for advanced users.
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Follow the following four simple steps to convert MOV to AVI.

How to Convert MOV to AVI

Step 1.  Install Free MOV to AVI Converter for Convert MOV to AVI

Step 2. Add the MOV video files to the program

Click the Add Files button in the upper left corner of the application window, then select the MOV file to convert. Don’t worry, you don’t even need to install QuickTime, because Free Mov to AVI converter supports out-of-the-box MOV conversion.

Step 3. Make Changes in the Files You Want to Convert (Optional)

The program enables you to edit your files before conversion. In the tabs Watermark and Subtitles, you can add a watermark of your choice and insert subtitles, respectively. You can also crop your footage edges, trim away elements you don’t want, and rotate your clip by accessing other available tabs.

Step 4. Compress the MOV Files (Optional)

There’s an option to quickly compress your files if they’re too large. Open the Output Settings box by clicking the size value in the file info section. Set the appropriate values for size, quality, and bitrate. Check how the end file will look like by clicking Convert Sample.

Step 5. Specify the Output Video Preset

You will find AVI in the groups of different output presets at the bottom of the program interface. Select Common Video > AVI and choose the desired preset to change your MOV file to AVI without adjusting the bitrate or resolution or choose the AVI preset with the resolution and codec that best suit your needs.

Step 6. Start the MOV-to-AVI Conversion

Click Start in the bottom right corner to transfer your files to the new format. You can use Free MOV to AVI converter for converting to and from more than 180 other multimedia file types.

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