GiliSoft RamDisk – simple, straightforward and effective.

By | May 23, 2010

GiliSoft RamDisk – simple, straightforward and effective.(by Elena Santos)

GiliSoft RamDisk is a simple, straightforward partition creation utility from Gilisoft, a software developer that seems to be determined to bring the world handy, low-key tools to maximize PC power.

GiliSoft RamDisk allows you create another drive on your computer, using your system’s RAM memory. You can use this drive exactly as you would a normal one, saving to it, browsing and network sharing as normal. One of the drive’s advantages, however, is that as it is not based on the system hard drive, it is faster and more versatile. If the thought of drives and partitioning scares you, however, don’t let it. The GiliSoft RamDisk process is as easy as pie, and although the instructions are only available online, they are fairly complete.

GiliSoft RamDisk allows you to perform two Basic functions – creating a RAM disc and mounting image files. Both processes are fast and simple, while the program’s configuration options will allow you to auto-save and back-up to prevent any data loss. When you create a RAM disc, GiliSoft RamDisk will ask you to choose a file system (NTFS, FAT16 or FAT32), drive letter and size. The size available will depend on your computer’s RAM, so more powerful systems will be at a distinct advantage.

If you are looking for ways to make your computer more versatile, you could do much worse than GiliSoft RamDisk. The program’s website has a list of all the applications you might want to use such a drive for, and it’s so easy to use it is within everyone’s reach. The only negative is that for those unfamiliar with file systems, a little extra research might be in order, as the differences are not explained in the program.

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