How to Secure Your Files for Home Users with USB Blocking Software?

By | October 20, 2016

USB flash drives – Useful tool or security nightmare?

Stealing information – or just reading or copying it without permission – is a lot easier now.  All you have to do is stick a USB thumb drive into a port, copy some files, and take the drive back into your pocket.

Bad guys can use them to steal your files, your financial information, and your identity. You’re very careful about encrypting your backup files, and the information that you send over the Internet. But you’re probably not protecting your USB ports, which means someone could copy important PC files to a USB thumb drive. These USB thumb drives fit easily into pocket or purse.

How to Prevent data loss while you are away from home?

1 Use USB device control software for your Personal Computer or Notebook.
2 Stop information leakage such as documents, digital photos and videos.
3 Prevent un-trusted USB storage devices from family members or visitors.

USB Lock

We suggest you a reliable and easy-to-use solution for USB lock-down. Prevent any family members or bad visitors who try to copy your information while you are away from home. Installing USB Lock is simple and quick; your USB ports will be fully protected in seconds.

2 thoughts on “How to Secure Your Files for Home Users with USB Blocking Software?

  1. Paulo João

    I found an bug in this tool.
    When the operating system is starting up gilisoft usb lock takes to long to start working that it allows flash drives to connect during the first minutes. How do I fix it?


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