Lock and encrypt any folders and files in ‘Safe Box’ with using password

By | October 21, 2016

What is Box?

Security Encrytpion Software creates encrypted storages  called ‘Private Disk’.  You may protect your files and folders in this ‘Box’ with using password. The default file suffix of encrypted box file is ‘GPD’.

What is Private Disk?

Private Disk create GPD as Safe File Box. It is a very easy tool for you to lock and encrypt any folders and files. The program supports Windows XP, 7,10. You can think Gilisoft Private Disk creates encrypted storages to Private Disk called ‘Box’. freedownload

Private Disk Features:

  • Easy To Use
    The box is very easy to access by integrated with Windows Explorer through context menu and file association .
  • Encryption foder and files
    The data in the boxes will be protected by AES algorithm. Different boxes need different passwords.
  • Undeletable
    These boxes are undeletable on the computer when software is installed.
  • Transparent
    The encryption will be processed automatically when user access the data in the boxes, just like a local driver. Resizable: The box will be created in a small size and be expanded while user add files into it. User can also compact the box to save disk space when files in the boxes deleted.

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