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By | April 27, 2010

The use of USB flash drives has now become prevalent because of the great usefulness it can give any computer user.  A USB, also called thumb or pen drive, is now a necessity in this modern world.  It enables you to carry a wealth of information in such as small package.  It can have the capacity of carrying up to 32 gigabytes of contents.  That is a huge space for just about any data that you do not want to lose, e.g., games, operating system, photos, videos, movies, a digital library and a whole lot more.

While the very reason you wanted to have a USB is the convenience of placing information you do not want to lose in such a small gadget, it is also the reason why the USB is very easy to lose.  And if you are unfortunate enough to lose your USB, there is a big possibility that the information contained therein can be exposed to others.  To prevent this from happening, you need a USB encryption software.  A USB encryption software is designed precisely to password-protect and encrypt the files in your USB so that any unauthorized person may not be able to download what is in it.

To be able to get hold of such a software, you need only to browse online and look for them. They abound in the internet and you will find that many come for free.  One good software that is free to download is TrueCrypt.  It is simple enough to use and will not require you to pay anything for its use.  Instructions on how to make use of it can also be found most likely in the same website where you downloaded the software.

A more better tool is USB Stick Encryption. Because the TrueCrypt will leave the image file on the disk but the USB Drive encrypted by USB Stick Encryption does not show it.  More information of  USB Stick Encryption, please visit

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