Want to Free Record Skype video calls on Windows 10?

By | October 25, 2016

Maybe you want to store some Skype calls for later reference. Recording a Skype conversation, so you can view it again later? Whether it’s for a family time or a potential podcast, you only want a simple way to record your audio or video conversations with Free Skype Recorder.

As we know that recording phone and video conversations without asking the other party for permission is legally questionable and depends on where you live. So please check the laws in your area, or ask for permission to record skype video before start recording.

We’ll be assuming you’re already installed Skype, but if you haven’t, head to Skype.com and download the latest version of the software before you get started. Windows users are going to want to use the desktop version of Skype. But the bad message is Skype doesn’t natively support call recording; However, Free Skype Recorder make this not hard, that is, assuming you have Free Skype Recorder.

There are a couple of possibilities for your Skype application in which you can record video, audio calls but keep in mind that Skype does not have a build in feature that will let you do this therefore you will have to do it by using a third party application but we will learn below exactly what we need to do in order to record the video, audio Skype calls using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system.

For recording Skype conversations on Windows, we recommend the Free Video Call Recorder from Gilisoft. This simple, one-window program lets you record both sides of a video conversation, or simply record the audio, and save it to any folder on your computer. And it’s free.


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