Hide private data on your computer

By | May 6, 2010

If you share your computer with other people and don’t want them to run certain programs or access specific folders, GiliSoft File Lock is the program you need.

With GiliSoft File Lock you can easily hide data (files, folders, or even whole drives) or block access to any file, folder or drive. Simply select the elements you want to hide or lock, and press the appropriate button. Restoring them to normal status is just as easy.

Once the selected files and folders have been hidden, they’ll remain invisible to other users. If you prefer to lock them, they’ll be visible but only accessible if you enter the right password.

GiliSoft File Lock is easy to use and works fine. The only drawback I can think of is the lack of support for drag and drop – not to mention the fact that if you lose the program’s master password you’re doomed, as there’s no way to recover it.

GiliSoft File Lock lets you protect private data in your computer by hiding or blocking access to specific files, folders and hard drives.

To hide private data now!

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