How to Password Protect Memory Sticks?

By | May 5, 2010

Protecting the data you carry on a USB memory stick is something that many people are worried about. Luckily you can now use GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption to make sure all those files are safe from prying eyes.

With GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption you can easily protect the documents you copy to your USB memory by safeguarding them with an encryption algorithm and also setting up a customizable password. GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption is simple to use: just plug the USB drive to your system and enter the password you want to use to protect the data.

If you intend to store confidential files on a memory stick, security should be an important issue for you. Incidents concerning lost memory sticks often occur. A survey in UK reveals that 4,500 memory sticks had been forgotten in people’s pockets as they take their clothes to be washed at the local dry cleaners in 2009. What we should worry about is not the memory sticks, but the vital files contained on them. It could be a disaster to have the important information fall into someone’s hands, like the health records of more than 80,000 patients contained in the lost unencrypted memory stick in Canada according to CBC news.
For this, you can enhance memory stick security with USB encryption software which allows you to password protect memory sticks to keep your data remain safe even if you misplace or lost them. Some USB encryption software allows you to create a password protected secure area to store your important files and the size of the secure area is decided by you. Anyone who wants to access the data on secure are must have the right password. This can fully ensure the security of your vital data even memory stick is lost or stolen. And it will make no trouble for you because you can easily access to password protected data in any computer even without the encryption software installed.

The good thing about GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption is that it creates a disk partition inside the USB memory device, which means that you can still save some space for files that do not need to be protected.

Since you know USB encryption software can help you, next you just need to get one to start improving security of your memory sticks. A basic Google search is supposed to come back many results on the software options available to you. Select one that suits your needs best. Personally, I’m using GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption. It is professionally designed to password protect memory stick and other USB storage media and adopts 256-AES, the highest level protection to keep your data safe. With it, you can also write protect the files on secure area and delete the access to secure area to hide it to get maximum protection for vital file on memory sticks.
Download and install GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption and begin to password protect memory sticks following the below step-by-step guidance.

Step 1 to password protect memory sticks

Plug your memory stick in computer and backup your files on memory stick. GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption will format memory stick automatically during creating a password protected secure area for vital files, so I highly advise you to backup your files on memory stick.

Step 2 to password protect memory sticks

Choose your target memory stick, set size of the secure area according to your needs, and then click Install to go to next step.

Step 3 to password protect memory sticks

Set username and password for your memory stick. The password should be easy for you to remember because you’ll get it back when you forget it. And it means that you’ll lose your protected data on memory stick.
And now you get a password protected memory stick. You’ll never worry about data loss after dragging and dropping your data into the secure area on the password protected memory stick.

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