How to clean space on c drive

By | May 14, 2010

Recently I realized that my three (3) year old machine is running slowly. Every time I launch an application, it would take at least a minute for it to load up.

Checking through the available space on my hard disk, I see that only 2.5 GB out of 74.4 GB space is available. This must be the reason why my machine is running slowly. Ever since I started using the machine, it has not been cleaned up in anyway. Short to say, everything goes in, nothing comes out!

At the same time, I also needed some space to install a database to work on some programming assignment. Since the size of the database is at least 10 GB, I need to clean up and regain enough hard disk space to be able to start work. Otherwise, I’m stuck as I can’t go screaming to my boss. I need a new server with big hard disk capacity! Times are bad and I’m sure my boss won’t spend money on a new server just like that.

I found a tool named GiliSoft System Maintenance that can searche for useless junk files and invalid registry on your computer and allows you to delete them. It currently cleans Windows Temporary Files, browser cache, cookies, lost cluster files, recycle bin contents, user defined junk files (folders) and a few more.

I am very satified with this tool and make a schedual of cleaning disk for my computer .

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