How to encrypt & protect your portable data, on a USB HDD or memory stick

By | May 13, 2010

I often travel with work, and most of the times I carry a portable USB HDD (in my case I have a 100GB laptop SATAII HDD, in a Vantec E-SATA / USB enclosure), or a large USB Memory Stick. The USB HDD enclosure basically dock’s into a “docking station” in the PC, which then connects it to the high speed SATA II bus and I can use it as any other Hard Drive in my PC.

When I’m on the move, it works with USB ( I didn’t want to carry an external power supply) and is small and lightweight.

The biggest problem I faced was that a lot of data on the portable HDD was private, and I didn’t want other people to get their hands on it. I carry client’s website projects (for when I want to work on it, or demo it to the clients), photos (for my photography – when I want to show it to someone, work on it, print it, etc), my business’s accounting info, and other private documents.
My friend told me that GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption is an excellent solution to protect your data on USB HDD or memory stick. Then I use this tool to encrypt my HDD,this procedure spends me only 1 mimute,so wonderful!
When on the move, I know that my data on is safe. I can just plug the hard drive / memory stick into another PC, run agent.exe on the USB HDD, mount my secure area and then use my data.

Last night I also encrypted my games Hard Drive on my PC, and soon I’ll be encrypting every other Hard Drive I own, to keep all my data safe from prying eyes & thieves.

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