How to lock drives?

By | May 12, 2010

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a fast and secure encryption and locking software. The program goes beyond protecting your files and folders by securing your hard drives. GiliSoft File Lock Pro is data locking software with a lot of privacy features including encryption, locking, shredding,  portability and auto-protection. All these features fulfill the special need of our customers wanting complete privacy and security.

Installing and using GiliSoft File Lock Pro is very easy. With GiliSoft File Lock Pro, you can lock drives of any size with a single click. It also locks local disks and partitions. You can lock and hide multiple drives and folders with a single click that not only save time but also help you managing data in a password protected drive. All the drives, folders and files locked or encrypted using password locking protection of GiliSoft File Lock Pro are completely safe and secured.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro password protects your data in such a secure way that all protected data cannot be viewed without correct password, no matter how does the hacker try to temper the password locking protection of GiliSoft File Lock Pro. He cannot get into your protected files and folders.

Follow these simple and easy steps to lock drives with GiliSoft File Lock Pro:

• Download GiliSoft File Lock Pro latest version to your PC and install it.

•Right-click the drive you want to lock and select “Lock it” menu item and enter the password of GiliSoft File Lock Pro in the next window.

•If you want to access the locked drive, please double-click the drive as usual and enter the correct password. After the drive’s window  is c losed,the folder will be locked automatically again.

•If you want to unlock the locked drive,you can right-click the drive and click “Unlock it” form menu item.

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