How to put a password on my memory stick

By | May 12, 2010

I am looking for a way to protect my flash disk with a password, in case i lose my flsh disk , then somebody happen to find it, woon’t get an access in to my files , i realy want to protect my flash disk but i dont know how,? need ya help. (francoistexas)


(1) Free Software

You can’t make a password for your flash disk, but you can encrypt your data with a program like truecrypt, but your data are no longer accessible only on a PC with that program installed on.

(2) USB Encryption Software

You can use gilisoft usb encryption to encrypt and password protect your usb drives or sticks.

(2) Virtual Disk Encryption Software

You can install a software program like GiliSoft Private Disk on the memory stick and safeguard your data. When you plug your stick into a PC, you run the program from your stick, enter the password and access your data.

(3) Using hardware

There is a Flash Drive pen that has password encryption on the pen.

(4)File  Encryption software

You can allways use GiliSoft File Lock Pro to encrypt your files there.

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