How to Lock folders and files quickly?

By | May 8, 2010

People always want an easy and fast way to password protect and lock folders and files on their hard drives rather than complicating themselves with sophisticated encryption processes that takes minutes or even hours to complete.

If you want to lock folders and files in local disk on computer,you can choose GiliSoft File Lock. GiliSoft File Lock provide the fastest way to password protect and lock folders and files on local disk.

If you want to lock folders and files in local disk on computer and external hard disk,you can choose GiliSoft Private DiskGiliSoft Private Disk is a file locking software that offers shatterproof password locking protection for your files, folders, pictures, videos and drives. It offers two fastest methods to protect your confidential data; Hide and Encrypt. Both the methods are exceptionally fast and protect your data from getting accessed by unauthorized users.

So you can choose GiliSoft File Lock to lock file, folder or drive and can choose GiliSoft Private Disk to encrypt to password protect your USB drive,notebooks. Home users would rather use lock feature than encryption. The reason for this is because they are non-technical and do not complicate themselves with sophisticated encryption algorithms.

GiliSoft File Lock‘s lock feature is designed for those who want to keep their files and folders locked from kids and non-technical users and do not want to waste too much time by using other complicated software.You can simply lock folders, private data and important files with your desired password. GiliSoft File Lock secures and hides your personal data like source codes, and emails etc and restricts unwanted eyes to access your data.

GiliSoft International LLC. is the pioneer in security and internet solutions.  Our foremost priority is to provide complete satisfaction to our valued customers. We provide our clients peace of mind by keeping their data secured and protected from all kinds of intrusions and security breaches.

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