How to Password Protect USB Drive?

By | May 8, 2010

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption lets you password protect USB drive, external drives and even memory cards in a snap. You can access your data anytime anywhere you want by simply using the password you set in it previously.  This feature is also included in our another product called  GiliSoft Private Disk .

Download GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption, and see how easy it is to password protect folders and files on any portable device. Follow any of the following methods to achieve just that:

Step 1 to Password Protect USB Drive

Plug your memory stick in computer and backup your files on usb drive. GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption will format usb drive automatically during creating a password protected secure area for vital files, so I highly advise you to backup your files on usb drive.

Step 2 to Password Protect USB Drive

Choose your target usb drive, set size of the secure area according to your needs, and then click Install to go to next step.

Step 3 to Password Protect USB Drive

Set username and password for your usb drive. The password should be easy for you to remember because you’ll get it back when you forget it. And it means that you’ll lose your protected data on usb drive.
And now you get a password protected USB drive. You’ll never worry about data loss after dragging and dropping your data into the secure area on the password protected USB drive.

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