How to make a Secure Disc.

By | May 21, 2010

I’m wanting to make a few Disc’s that are password protected,I tried to do this using Nero 9 reloaded but that was the stupidest thing ever,after the disc was burnt with Nero 9 I get a box asking for the password and does work if the password is entered but here’s the really dumb part if you put the disc in again and close the box that’s for your password find your DVD Drive just right click and choose open and you can see everything and drag the files to your desktop,now if you double click the DVD Drive it will take you to a webpage and say’s you need Nero Secure disc viewer and incd what good is it though if all you have to do is find the DVD Drive and just right click on open to over ride this plus to use this you need to have Nero on the PC you are going to use this disc on.Can anyone tell me if there is a way to make a secure disc using Windows 7 and that can not be so easily fooled also I would like these disc’s to work without the need of any special software to be needed on the PC these disc’s are going to be used for.

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator enables you to burn password protected and encrypted CD/DVD discs. You can have a public area and a secure area on each disk, allowing you to have protected and unprotected files on the same disc. The files that are added to the secure area will be compiled into a standalone executable that can only be executed with the correct password. If the correct password is entered, the protected files will be unlocked and mounted to a temporary drive from where you can view or copy them. The protected discs can be used on any XP/Vista/7 computer, there is not need to install the Secure Disc Creator software.

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