How to Make a Slideshow Video with Music and Pictures for Free

By | September 11, 2018

How to Make a Slideshow Video with Music and Pictures for Free

Recently, many friends asked me how to make multiple photos into slideshow video. In fact, there are many ways to make electronic photo albums. However, we recently found that some electronic photo albums made by some tools are very good, and there are many transition effects in these softwares. And you can add text, and the added text style is very good! There is also a feature that we like very much – have a lot of templates at the beginning and ends, just need to modify the text a little. The overall operation is very simple, and we feel that the operation interface of these tool are very good! These tools can export a lot video formats,  output MP4 format video, which can be used to make album video.

Have you ever thought about sharing or showing something interesting with people around you, such as elegant landscape photos, self-portrait displays, or a series of photos of all ages to show signs of growth? Although the photo can visually show happy hours, it does not convey a pleasant atmosphere compared to photo slides, because the impression that the video leaves people is more vivid and colorful than the picture. If you just want to know how to make a slideshow with photos, here are 3 practical ways.

1. Make a Slideshow Video with Free Slideshow Maker

Free Slideshow Maker is probably the easiest tool to create a video with pictures and music, compared to other built-in applications on Windows or Mac operating systems or video editors posted on the Internet. It comes with many fun and stylish themes as well as background music. If you don’t like the original background music, you can replace it by adding a new song from your computer’s hard drive. You don’t have to spend too much time mastering the tools, you can start making picture slides effortlessly.

Free slideshow maker

2. Make a Slideshow Video with Gilisoft Slideshow Creator

When it comes to making a photo video with music, ApowerEdit is also a wonderful choice to do this job. This program is generally known as an editing software for media files including image, video and audio file. Actually, since this tool comes with various transitions, special effects, stylish texts and layouts, it can also make a video with pictures and music. In the meanwhile, you can drag the favorite music to merge them together. The program also allows you to customize the music, such as adjusting volume, fade in and fade out.

Free slideshow maker

3. Make a Slideshow Video with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker are definitely a great tool for creating videos with pictures and music on your PC. However, when you do some editing work, it sometimes crashes. You must temporarily save your project in case you lose your job. If you don’t want to suffer losses due to any crashes, it’s wise to choose a third-party application.

4. Make a Slideshow Video with Apple iMovie

Currently, iMovie only supports outputting video in MOV format. If you want to create a video for a device or website that is not compatible with the MOV file format, you’d better convert it to a more popular format or you won’t be able to play it on your device. Or, if you are not a Mac user, this user will not be able to use it.

So today’s production of electronic photo albums is over! The overall process is not difficult, and you can master it with a few more operations. we still likes the transition effects provided in this tool, especially the 3D transition effects, it feels very cool!

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