How to Protect Folders and Files?

By | May 11, 2010

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is the fastest File Encryption Software that can simultaneously lock and encrypt folders and files, and make them password protected. GiliSoft File Lock Pro is the easiest, fastest, reliable and most convenient software to protect folders and files.

GiliSoft File Lock is designed is such a way that it ensures complete security of your locked files and folders. It is complete data security software with user friendly interface which comprises all the security features under one GUI.

There are two ways to protect folders and files using GiliSoft File Lock Pro. You can either simply lock your files and folders or can encrypt them.

If you simply want to lock folders and files, then GiliSoft File Lock Pro provides you this feature with great ease of use. You can lock down all your data which you think is very important and you want to protect it from casual users. With GiliSoft File Lock Pro you can protect folders and files just by right clicking your files and folders in Explorer and click ‘Lock It’.

You can also encrypt files and folders and make them password protected. Encryption is a fast and a reliable method to hide information and also ensures the complete privacy of information. It also guarantees the full integrity of information.

To lock down your folders and files, you first need to create a *.gfl or *.exe with a password which you can remember easily because if you forget the password of your locker then you will not be able to access your data. Read more to learn how to password protect folders and files.

Folder Lock does not only lock files but also hides folders and files so that no other person can view your data without accessing your files with the correct password.

At GiliSoft International LLC, our team is dedicated to provide the best possible data security solutions at affordable price, so that you can say Good Bye to your privacy worries with GiliSoft File Lock Pro.

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