New Update! GiliSoft Private Disk 2.1!

By | May 10, 2010

GiliSoft Private Disk 2.1 is released at May 10, 2010.

New features:

New UI ,More easier to use.

Features and Benefits:

• All data is stored encrypted within the “Private Disk” container.

• Access to your files on virtual volume on the fly.

• Mapping any free drive letter like G:, F:, K: for virtual volume.

• Requires password authentication before the files become accessible.

• Works with all Windows application – even DOS applications.

• Really Fast.

• Looks like normal hard drive.

• Several volumes may be mounted at the same time.

• Encrypted volumes can be backed up to tape, CD, etc.

• No need to encrypt/decrypt files. The encryption is transparent.

• Support for USB Flash Drives.
You can make a portable Private Disk on USB drive.

• The “Private Disk” container can be protected.
No one can delete the Private Disk without password.

More information:

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