How to Password Protect Memory Sticks?

With GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption you can effectively protect all the important documents you carry on your USB drive with data encryption and a password.

How to Password Protect USB Drive?

USB drives are ideal for storing your files, music, videos and photos, and carrying confidential data between Office and home, between PC and Mac. Meanwhile, they can be easily lost or stolen, and anyone who gets your lost drive can easily access to all the documents and data it contains. It’s a risk for you.

A Simple Guide to Encrypt External Hard Drives

I have just bought a new 500GB external hard drive that is used to store sensitive files on it. In case the exposure of the important data when it gets lost or stolen, I would like to encrypt my external hard drive. Therefore, the sensitive files on it are well protected and can’t be viewed by others and yet the drive can be moved to another computer and accessed by me.

An appropriate data security solution

The program is capable of preventing illegal operations like Trojan, Virus, Hackers, and Spyware from accessing your crucial data. It further imparts five methods of protecting your privacy that are Hide Data, Lock Data, Private Disk, Safe Delete, and Erase History

Use a Ramdisk to speed up Applications

Many modern computers have one, two or even more gigabytes of ram that can be put to good use by creating a Ramdisk that is a virtual drive that uses part of the computers ram. Because your computer’s memory is so much faster than the hard disk, a RAM disk greatly improves application performance. Databases,… Read More »

Encrypt your USB flash drive

Don’t put personal or client/work passwords or other sensitive data on a thumb drive. If for some reason you do have to have some of that information with you, make sure that information is encrypted.

Data Security Technologies

Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. This article describes some of the technologies to help us ensure data security.

What is Data Encryption?

What is Data Encryption? Encryption is the process of converting a plaintext message into ciphertext which can be decoded back into the original message. An encryption algorithm along with a key is used in the encryption and decryption of data. There are several types of data encryptions which form the basis of network security. Encryption… Read More »

Hide drives , files and folders

Protecting personal files on a computer is not a big deal anymore. If you are a windows user, you have some default settings on your system to hide your files or folders. But they are not secure at all. Anyone can open those hidden files and can access your private data. So, we have to… Read More »

USB encryption software

The use of USB flash drives has now become prevalent because of the great usefulness it can give any computer user.  A USB, also called thumb or pen drive, is now a necessity in this modern world.  It enables you to carry a wealth of information in such as small package.  It can have the… Read More »