How to Password Protect USB Drive?

By | May 5, 2010

USB drives are ideal for storing your files, music, videos and photos, and carrying confidential data between Office and home, between PC and Mac. Meanwhile, they can be easily lost or stolen, and anyone who gets your lost drive can easily access to all the documents and data it contains. It’s a risk for you.

To avoid the risk, some measures you should take to protect your USB drive. USB encryption software is a good choice for you. Encryption software allows you to create a protected area to password protect vital data on USB drive. Anyone wants to get the important data, he has to enter the password or else he cannot access it. GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption is one of the good protection programs.
GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption with 256-bit AES allows you to create a secure area, enabling you to password protect vital files on USB drive while keep normal files shareable for everyone. The size of secure area is up to you and you can access to secured data on USB drive with correct password in any computer without installing the encryption software. It is very convenient.
The following are the steps on how to password protect USB drive with GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption.
Step 1: Download GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption from here and install it in your computer.
Keep your installed encryption opened after installation.

Step 2: Insert your USB drive into computer and backup your files on USB drive.
GiliSoft USB Drive Encryption will format your USB drive automatically during encryption, so we highly suggest you to backup the files on the drive in begin.

Step 3: Choose your target USB drive and set the size of secure area according to your needs, and then click Install.Step 4: Set user name and password to protect USB drive. The password must be 6 characters in length and make sure it’s something easy for you to remember, yet virtually impossible for others to guess.

The secure area now has been created, and you have now password protected USB drive. Next you simply need to drag and drop the files you want to protect into the secure area after opening it by right password. When you have stored your files on the secure area, you have stopped others from accessing your sensitive information.

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