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    ------------------- Arcady Glush
GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption
GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption  is one of the best encryption software which is professionally designed to secure USB stick. It allows you to create a password protected secure area on USB stick for your confidential data. In addition, it also provides you a read-only option to protect the encrypted data on the secured USB stick. And you can access to the secured data on USB drive in a third computer even you don't install the security program in the computer. And you just drag and drop data into the secured area, the data will be automatically protected with password. You see, if Durham has a tool like GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption, they won't be worried about and blamed for this incident of USB stick loss.

Product Information of GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption


GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption will divide USB drive into two sections after encryption: secure area and public area. You can encrypt your vital files by dragging and dropping it into secure area while you can store normal files on public area.

• Create a secure area on USB drive for protecting data after encryption
• Password protect and encrypt all USB devices with one registration code
• Support the maximum USB storage size of 2TB
• Recover deleted access for opening secure area on USB drive
• Set size of secure area according to needs
• Provide two options to reset password for secure area
• Decrypt protected USB drive with correct password and user name
• Access to encrypted at any time even without USB Drive Encryption installation
• Support Windows 2000 /2003 /XP /Vista / 7

Keep Your Privacy with USB Security Tool

  • According to CBC news: In December the Durham health authority, which is responsible for a large area east of Toronto, had lost the USB stick that contains medical records of thousands people. And this USB stick has no password protection. This unsecured USB stick contained data collected from more than 83,000 patients during H1N1 flu vaccination clinics in the region between Oct. 23 and Dec. 15.

    On Thursday, Ontario privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian ordered Durham and other health authority in the province "to immediately implement procedures to ensure that any personal health information stored on any mobile devices [laptops, USB sticks, etc] is strongly encrypted."

    She said that she could accept the ineluctability of loss or theft of mobile devices, but she could not accept the behavior of not using password protect USB stick. She said that since they have very advanced encryption technology to prevent the information stored on the USB stick from lost, not to secure USB stick is "both distressing and completely unacceptable".

    This accident told us the importance of using password to protect USB stick. USB stick is a small device and it is easy to be lost. It's not a big deal if there's only music and videos in it. But what if there's something like business presentation, coursework, contract draft in it? In order to avoid data loss from USB stick, we need to use password to protect USB stick. And USB encryption software such as GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption can provide USB stick with password protection.