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GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption

GiliSoft USB Encryption is a powerful USB protection tool, it can encrypt USB stick, hard drive, camera card, and other portable storage media.While you may not always be able to prevent the loss or theft of your USB drives, data encryption solutions allow you to securely transport sensitive information and ultimately prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

Product Information of GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption


GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption A simple yet powerful USB encryption software for portable storage media. it can divide USB drive into two sections after encryption: secure area and public area. You can encrypt your vital files by dragging and dropping it into secure area while you can store normal files on public area.

• Create a secure area on USB drive for protecting data after encryption
• Password protect and encrypt all USB devices with one registration code
• Support the maximum USB storage size of 2TB
• Recover deleted access for opening secure area on USB drive
• Set size of secure area according to needs
• Provide two options to reset password for secure area
• Decrypt protected USB drive with correct password and user name
• Access to encrypted at any time even without installation
• Support Windows 2000 /2003 /XP /Vista / 7

USB Protection: Hardware or Software Solution?

  • Along with USB3.0 development, more and more people use all kinds of Flash Drive to store their pictures, videos, movies etc. And many people use it to store office words. Maybe you will restore some sensitive information that you don't want anybody else to know it.

    For large commercial organizations, data security is not only a corporation option, it's the law. Losing sensitive data by way of natural disasters or theft can have severe consequences on a company, possibly crippling the entire organization. While there are many different security mechanisms, data encryption is perhaps the most effective in regard to protecting confidential information.

    Have you ever lost your Flash Drive? Are you still worried about your data? You should pay more attention to USB stick security.

    The best solution to protect your confidential information is data encryption. This technology encodes data by scrambling messages so they cannot be interpreted by intruders. Once limited to government usage, this form of security is now widely used by the public in both the corporate and home computing environment.

    Usually, there are two different kinds of methods to protect USB drive. One is hardware protection, the other is software protection.

    Hardware solutions:
    To buy computers that comes with built-in encryption features. They maintain that data encryption hardware is capable of eliminating unauthorized access because none of the keys are actually used on the hard drive, aside from the chip. The only way to crack the encrypted message would be to remove or physically destroy the chip.

    So though hardware solution is top security, it doesn't common used.

    Software solutions:
    There are several approaches one could take towards data encryption and software makes a viable option. You can choose to go with a commercial solution like GiliSoft USB Encryption or open-source programs.