How to split or divide SVCD video file quickly?

What's SVCD splitter :

SVCD Splitter allows you to split a large SVCD file into smaller SVCD files, or to extract manually selected segments of an SVCD file to new SVCD files. Using direct stream cut tech, our SVCD splitter can quickly split larger SVCD files without recompression, so it is very fast and without any quality loss.

Best way to split or divide SVCD file :

GiliSoft Video Editor — split or divide SVCD file.

There are 4 ways to split SVCD files:

a) Limit each segment by time
b) Limit each segment by size
c) Average split into some number
d) Manual splitting by set splitting point

1) Launch GiliSoft Video Editor

Once installed GiliSoft Video Editor, Launch GiliSoft Video Editor.

2) Click 'Splitter' to start 'GiliSoft Video/Audio Splitter'

3) Load File and select splitting way

Add your source SVCD files, GiliSoft Video Editor will preview your SVCD files directly.

Set splitting settings in this window.

4) Click 'Start' button to start to split your SVCD file.

GiliSoft Video Editor is SVCD splitter can split larger SVCD video files into parts automatically no loss of quality for Windows 8, windows 7, windows vista computer.

SVCD splitter

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