Gilisoft USB Lock
Lock USB Port to Prevent Data from Leakage

Windows 2000/2003/XP/7/8/10/11 (32 bits &64 bits)

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What Does Gilisoft USB Lock Do?

How often has your data been stolen because someone connected an unauthorized USB to your computer and copied your files? Well, you don’t need to worry because the solution to disable or enable USB Ports is pretty simple.
GiliSoft USB Lock is a data leak prevention tool that prevents leakage and copy of your data to USB Drives (android /iPhone), prevent the PC from using the hotspot feature of an android /iPhone for internet access via USB, External Drives, CDs/DVDs or other such portable devices. Once installed, USB Lock lets you block all such drives and devices that do not belong to you. USB Lock can stop stealing or hacking and you can share your PC with anyone without fear of data theft. This is an easy USB Secure Software and powerful Endpoint DLP Suite that helps you to lock usb port,make dvd/cd burner read-only, block some websites, forbid some programs and disable more devices.
For the convenience of enterprise users to deploy, or secondary development, we also provide the command-line version, please contact us if you need.

Exclusive Features of USB Lock

Block USB/SD Drives

Disable reading from USB/SD disks, disable writing to USB/SD disks,Block non-system partition(s). It doesn’t allow any type of USB/SD drive to access your computer unless you authorize it or it has been in trusted devices White-list.

CD Lock,Block Media & Blu-ray Discs

Disable reading from DVD/CD discs or making DVD/CD burner read-only. This application also blocks any disc that uses the disk hub, bay, combo or CD/DVD drive and allots a drive letter.

Restrict USB data access on Android / iPhone

By disabling USB data access, you can prevent unauthorized users from accessing your device's data when connecting it via USB. This can help protect your privacy and prevent data breaches.

Restrict connect Android / iPhone mobile hotspot via USB

Block mobile devices from tethering connections through USB will help you disable USB tethering, you will prevent the PC from using the mobile phone's hotspot feature for internet access via USB.

Trusted Devices White List

You can create a whitelist to allow 'certain approved' USB pen drives. Then it will block all USB drives except the ones in the white-list.

Reports & Logs

USB Lock provide full reports and logs: (1) USB Activity - Monitor all file operation (like create delete files ) on all USB disks that connected to your computer. (2) Deny & Allow Access History. (3) Activity White List.

Website Lock

Block accessing some websites. This utility allows you to block unwanted websites from display in Internet Explorer. If a website is blocked the user is forwarded to a blank page or to a "blocked page" and the contents of the original page are not loaded on your PC.

Devices Lock

The program can be used to restrict read or write access to removable media devices such as CD, DVD, floppy, SD Card Readers, flash and USB drives. It also can be used to disable iPhone, Android phone, printer,modem, com lpt ports,infrared, blue-tooth, 1394 ports.

Programs Lock

Block running any programs, including IE, Outlook, AOL, AIM, Dropbox, and more. You can even lock your control panel with one button click.

Powerful Self-protection Mode

Nobody can uninstall this software without password and you can hide this program in Invisible Mode. When someone enters wrong password more than 5 times, it will send alarm notifications to your pre-defined e-mail and the unknown login will be temporarily banned.

Copy Protection

The program uses an advanced level of data leak prevention technology that does not permit duplication of your important files and copyright material to any USB drive or other such storage devices without your permission.

Data Leak Prevention

It prevents your data from getting leaked out to USB drives and other such storage devices by letting you control which device can access your computer while blocking all other unauthorized devices that do not belong to you.

Testimonials Reviews

“Impressive! GiliSoft USB Lock is a powerful utility that blocks unwanted external devices from accessing your machines. ”

- Chris Avery

“USB Lock is one of the most highly recommended data protection
applications! ”

- Leticia Darby

“USB Lock is an absolute must-have software for me, a lab assistant, I am responsible for several computers ."

- Lance Freehand

I am a professional chef, I need USB Lock to restrict the access of unwanted portable drives in my computer, which will not allow my junior chefs to copy my recipes on external drives.

- Richi Worth

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  5 Stars Award at CNET
    5-Star rating on it's superb functionality

With GiliSoft USB Lock, you can keep your computer safe from harmful, virus infested
files by restricting all USB access using this comprehensive and powerful tool...

  5 Stars Award at PC Magazine
    Best USB Lock / Blocking software


GiliSoft USB Lock prevents leakage and copy of your data to USB Drives, External Drives,
CDs/DVDs or other such portable devices....

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USB Lock allows users to operate their computers and laptops with complete
peace of mind. No more fear of data leaks...

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