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“GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a useful piece of software for people looking to protect important or sensitive information from prying eyes...”-
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GiliSoft Reseller Channel Program

Are you looking for quality products for your retail store or online shop to earn more revenue? Do you provide IT or e-business solutions to personal or business customers? If yes, we invite you to be one of our resellers. We offer flexible commissions to resellers who promote our products and bring sales.

We offer two kinds of partnership according to the geography you serve: exclusive or non-exclusive distribution partnership. If you want to protect your distribution right on a particular region and request exclusive distribution partnership, you shall guarantee the minimum order quantity.

Why join GiliSoft Reseller Channel Program?

Increase customer loyalty with comprehensive services to meet your customers’ requirements. Earn more revenue by providing effective solutions to your customers with GiliSoft software. We offer multimedia solutions including encryption tools,system optimize tools,privacy tools,DVD tools,Audio tools and so on.

What’re the differences between affiliate and reseller?

An affiliate can promote GiliSoft products with the related URLs to ensure that commission payment is forwarded to the affiliate account at real-time. A reseller will purchase license from GiliSoft first and deliver to the end user who wants to purchase via reseller channels or service providers.

A reseller enjoys the distribution right of the key codes with related license, while an affiliate could not distribute the key code to any third party.

How to register as a reseller?

Please send the following information to to join our reseller channel program. You will get response within one business day.

1.Contact name

2.Company name

3.Company URL


5.Primary business

6.Geographic market you serve

7.Exclusive or non-exclusive partnership

8.Amount of licenses you want to resell (the more you resell, the more commission you get)

Should you have any question or proposal about the reseller program, please contact us at in detail.

Global strategic partners list

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