How to cut/trim/split VCD video file quickly?

VCD video file format :

Video CD uses MPEG-1 for video compression and .DAT as the file extension.

Best way to cut/trim/split VCD file :

GiliSoft Video Editor — Cut/trim/split VCD file.

1) Launch GiliSoft Video Editor

Once installed GiliSoft Video Editor, Launch GiliSoft Video Editor.

2) Select one way to cut VCD file

There are 3 ways to cut VCD file in the easy video editing software:

a) Easy Video/Audio Cutter - Cut one VCD file to several small VCD clips.
b) Batch Video/Audio Cutter - Cut wanted VCD clips from a lot of VCD files.
c) Advanced Video/Audio Cutter - Cut wanted VCD clip after video editing(added watermark,subtile...)

3) Load File

Click 'Add File(s)' button, Select "DAT - VCD Media File" in its "Files of type" combo box.

Add your VCD file, GiliSoft Video Editor will preview your VCD file directly.

4) Select Start time, and End time.

5) Click 'Start' button to start to cut your VCD file.

GiliSoft Video Editor is very powerful VCD Splitter and VCD Cutter, split VCD, cut VCD without re-encode, So It is very fast and without any quality loss.

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