How to lock hard disk with password ?

What is the Best HDD Locking Software

There is a lot of HDD Locking software that can encrypt/decrypt your secret files but it can take a lot of time if you have many such files.GiliSoft File Lock lets you have separate HDD on your PC which may be locked and unlocked with a password within one second!

A best HDD Locking software is a simple but powerful program that allows you to lock the contents of your hard drive, thus preventing other users from accessing it.
Moreover, when locked the drive becomes completely invisible in the Windows system.
HDD Locking Tutorial

Locking HDD with GiliSoft File Lock. GiliSoft File Lock is quite easy to lock HDD with the steps below.

1, Download and Install .

1) Download it from
2) Set a password for your account and set an email to retrieve your lost password.
Note: Please remember your password or keep it in a safe place,because you can not run this program without it.

2, Lock HDD.

1) Enter "Lock Drives" panel.
2) Select the drives you want to lock.
3) Click "Lock Drives " button.

3, Unlock HDD.

1) Enter "Lock Drives" panel.
2) Select the read-protected drives you want to remove read protection.
3) Click "Unlock Drives " button.

This HDD Locking Software does not encrypt any files,it only limit access to secret location with your files . This will provide you enough security to hide your files from accident person taking control over your PC, but doesn't guarantee top level security (because files stored on your disk 'as is', without encryption).
If you want to encrypt all files and folders on the disk,please try another software GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption.

GiliSoft File Lock is the Best HDD Lock Software to help you lock your drive with password freely and efficietly! Believe this HDD Locking Software, Locking HDD is never so easy!

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