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Gilisoft Slideshow Movie Creator User Guide

How to convert photo to video?

Download Gilisoft Slideshow Moive Creator from the button below.
After downloading, please run the setup file, then follow the wizard to complete installation.
Click "Photos" to add the pictures.
Click "Effect" to set photo time, photo transition and move diretion.
Click "Music" to add background audio file.
Click "Export" to make sildeshow video.

How to set the playback time of the photo and transition?

Click Effect then enter the gobal effect setting.
Enable the transtions you want to use in slideshow movie, the program will set a random transtions for each picture.
Enable the move direction you want to use in slideshow movie, the program will set a random direction for each picture.
Set the duration time for play each slide and transition time.

How to change the default transition effect of slideshow?

In "Photos" module, select the photo you want to set transition effect
Click "Edit Photo".
Choose the transition effect for the photo, in here you also can apply one transition for the entire slideshow movie.

How to add description for one photo

In "Photos" module, select the photo you want to add text.
Click "Click here to add text" you can add description for each picture (support add multi-line text).

How to add the background music

Click on the "Music" module.
Click "Add Music" to choose the music file you want to use as background music.
Set the begin time and end time if you only like part of song.

How to edit titles and credits for slideshow?

Enter "Photos" module.

Click "Add Title" to create a title for your movie.
Click "Add Credits" to create a credit for your movie.

Gilisoft Slideshow Movie Creator

Easy to convert photos to video

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