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Produce stunning slideshow using videos and photos.

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Slideshow Maker for macOS

For all of life's important moments with Slideshow Maker:
1. Preserve happy memories
2. Congratulate and motivate
3. Promote your brand
Gilisoft Slideshow Maker is popular enough for its interactive software tools and you can expect the same elegant design for its slideshow generation capabilities. The Slideshow Maker makes it really easy to create fun, attractive, engaging slideshows to share with friends, family, colleagues, students, and others.
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Exclusive Features of Gilisoft Slideshow Maker

Add transitions, text, effects, music, and animation to your slideshow

You can create HD slideshow with photos and videos, export slideshow to 720P & 1080P HD videos, generate video slideshow in commom video formats such as WMV,MOV, MP4, AVI to meet different requirements.

Add your media files in any format

Digital cameras and web pages normally use JPG files, the most important for cameras, printing, scanning, and internet use, are JPG, TIF, PNG. But we support more formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, tif, tiff, webp, tga, wdp, hdp, jxr, pef, dng, crw, nef, cr2, mrw, rw2, orf, x3f, arw, kdc, nrw, dcr, sr2, raf.

Many 2D/3D Transition Effect

Support more than 300 different 2D/3D video transition effects. Choose a stylish transition, then fine-tune the settings as needed.With Slideshow Movie Creator, you can apply different transitions between individual photos as well - just check the Use randomtransitions box. Finally, get a full screen preview of your creation and accept the transitions or go back and generate another random set.

Provides rich text materials

The software provides rich text materials for you to use. The text types include: basic, text trailer, title, dialog box, popular, text trailer, etc.

Import srt subtitle file

Slideshow Movie Creator offers a lot of pre-designed themes to make your slideshow video and supports designing the beginning Titles and frames, filters, watermarks. Create a Stunning Video Slideshow Now! Easy& Interesting

Include various effects

The special effects include various effects in the video, including split screen, dynamic, basic, retro, freeze frame, etc.

Stunning transitions and effects

The transition effects include: basic, special effects, mirror movement, immersion, grid, linear, shape, expansion, sliding, covering, erasing, etc.

Various filters

Filter is a tool used to achieve various special effects of images. Filter types include: split screen, jitter, LUT, film, distortion, etc.


Overlay types include: frame, interference, halo, old film, old film, light leakage, virtualization, viewfinder, etc.


Animation effects include: Lantern Festival, facial expression bag, love, pets, outdoors, badges, tutorials, network, hand painting, fireworks, and others.

Capture video highlights

A certain video can be intercepted, a part of the video can be retained, and the interception accuracy is up to the frame.

Adjust the order of media files

After importing multiple videos or pictures for editing, you can adjust the order of videos and pictures in the post-editing state;

Add video & pictures

After importing multiple videos and pictures for editing, you can add new pictures and videos to the editing state again in the post-editing state;

Set the image display time

When importing pictures into slideshow maker, you can set the time display length of each picture material, and the duration is not limited.

Split video into multipart parts

The video can be cut into multiple segments for use, and the division operation is accurate to the frame; after division, it can be deleted and transitions can be added.

Adjust video playback speed

It can realize video speed change, realize fast motion, slow motion, and the speed change interval supports 0.2X-4.0X.

Mix multi audio source

Mix and set each volume for each video file or audio material, the volume adjustment range is 0-100;

Video or picture animation

Add some animation effects of entering, exiting, and looping to videos or pictures; it is especially useful when making music rhythm videos.

Mask function unleash your creativity

The mask provides a variety of shape and edge feathering adjustments, allowing users to use the mask easily and conveniently.

Magic voice changer

The voice-changing effects include: male voice, reverberation, electronic, auditorium, female voice, cartoon, echo, monster, etc.; adjust:.

Color adjustment

Adjustment effects include brightness, contrast, saturation, highlight, shadow, color temperature, hue, fade, vignetting, sharpness;transparency:

Adjust media transparency and rotation:

The opacity of the material can be adjusted, and the rotation angle and direction of the video and picture can be set.

Crop the section of the image that you need

The Crop tool removes the part of an image surrounding the selection. Crop to remove distractive background elements and create a focus on your desired object in the image.

Video playback in reverse order and flip mirroring

The material can be flipped horizontally; a video can be reversed to achieve real-time reverse playback.

Duplicate material, delete material in track

Unlimited copying of a picture, video, subtitles, etc., and deletion of materials.

Add image watermark or remove watermark

PNG and JPG images can be imported as watermarks to add to the video. You can also use mosaic and blur to achieve the effect of watermark removal, and support to adjust the size of mosaic and the degree of blur;.

Add freeze frame effect to video

A certain frame will be captured and inserted into the current time point, and the captured image will be edited as a picture material。


Animation effects include: Lantern Festival, facial expression bag, love, pets, outdoors, badges, tutorials, network, hand painting, fireworks, and others.

Testimonials Review

"Gilisoft Slideshow Maker is the best slideshow software you can find to breathe new life into your photo collections! "

- Iulia Ivan

"An efficient application that can record a custom selection of your desktop, as well as in full screen mode with customizable options for the media output."

- Ana Marculescu

"I still think that this is the best program for people like me who want a professional looking photo video without the investment and skills needed to operate more complex programs. Your program is excellent. THANK YOU!"

- Elizabeta Virlan

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  5 Stars Award at Soft321
    5-Star rating on it's superb functionality

With GiliSoft Slideshow Movie Creator, you can create dynamic slideshows from your
photos quickly & easily; Creating a photo slideshow has never been easier...

  5 Stars Award at FileHeap
    Best Picture2Video software


GiliSoft Slideshow Movie Creator is the best slideshow software you can find to breathe
new life into your photo collections!....

  5 Stars Award at SnapFiles
    Favorited by Editors with 5 stars


Gilisoft Slideshow Movie Creator is a one-trick pony. It handles that trick very well--if you
want to create a sophisticated video slideshow, you'll be pleased with it.

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