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Windows 2000/2003/XP/7/8/10/11 (32 bits &64 bits)

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Protect Your Videos With Video Copy Protect

Copy protection, also known as content protection, copy prevention and copy restriction, describes measures to enforce copyright by preventing the reproduction of software, films, music, and other media. Video Copy Protect provides the most secure video protection solutions. Copy protected videos are safe from copy , screen capture, sharing and unauthorized distribution.

Video Copy Protect is a unique data copy protection software that can protect all media files, including videos, audio, images, and documents. This program converts your media files into protected executable applications that can be burned to CDs and DVDs, and saved on USB and external drives. Once burned, these files can only be run from a specific drive. If someone tries to copy them to any other location, these files will not work properly and become useless. This feature allows you to freely distribute your CDs or DVDs without worrying about data being illegally copied or distributed.

Exclusive Features of Video Copy Protect

Copy Protect Video Files

Copy protect any format videos like MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, MOV, VOB etc It can prevent unauthorised access to the video, and make it much harder for pirates to copy and distribute without permission.

Copy Protect Pictures & Images

If you are an artist, photographer, graphic designer, or your livelihood depends on photos in any way, photocopying or theft is a very serious issue for you. With Copy protect, you can easily to protect any images: JPG, PNG, GIF etc.

Copy Protect Audio Files

The program lets you convert your mp3, WMA and other audio files into copy protected executable applications which can be burned on CDs and DVDs. Once burned, these copy protected files can only be run from the drive they are saved in.

Copy Protect Books & Documents

Copy protection is the process of safeguarding digital content from unauthorizeocopying or distribution. lt is a crucial step in ensuring that sensitive documents and filesare not stolen, tampered with, or distributed without the owner's consent. In this articlewe will explore some of the best ways to protect your files and documents fromunauthorized copying.

Copy Protect USB Storage

It protect any type of physcial USB , OTG pen drive SD card , USB stick , PC HDD , External HDD , Flash drive , Files , Folders. This pendrive play video & pdf in encrypted environment where Capturing screen / snapshot not possible with any software So your videos and Pdfs files are fully safe.

Copy protection with binding

To ensure protected file can be opened on 1 PC or mobile device only, when the end-user opens the protected document for the first time, they will be alerted that the file will be registered to their device and that no other device will be able to open it.

Anti Capturing screen & Anti screenshot

One of the simplest ways to copy video products is to capture the monitor screens by screen recording software (Camtasia, Snagit, etc...). Video Copy Protect has the ability to detect and prevent the activity of such software. Identify and disrupt screen capture programs. The output of the recording video will be black.

Fully Copy Protected

Playable on Mobile | TAB | Smart TV | Android Projector | Windows PC. USB, OTG, Pen drive, Flash drive , SDcard, PC HDD , External HDD , Files , Folders Copy Protection for All Videos , All Audios , PDF, eBooks , MS Office files, Excel , Doc , PPT , All Images.

Testimonials Reviews

“Video Copy Protect can easily encrypt virtually any kind of Video, Audio, Image formats. ”

- Victoria Patrick

“A top of the range data protection application in the market, Video Copy Protect has an easy to use interface and requires no advance tech. knowledge to operate... ”

- Leticia Darby

“I needed a data protection software that could protect my audio and video files. Thanks to Video Copy Protect, I can feel better about sharing my works with others."

- Lance Freehand

Video Copy Protect prevents All illegal and unwanted copying of your data. Requires single-password control, and works on all windows platforms.

- Maria Davis

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With Video Copy Protect, you can encrypt your media files into executable files that
will only run in the drive you choose using the program....

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Video Copy Protect is a copy protection software program that lets you prevent
illegal copying and distribution of your media files....

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Video Copy Protect can protect all types of media files like videos, audios,
and pictures. ...

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