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Gilisoft Formathor

The image converter is a powerful tool with multiple practical functions, which can meet various needs of users for image processing. It not only supports the conversion between multiple image formats, but also can compress images, reduce file size, and facilitate storage and sharing. In addition, it can also convert images to PDF format, making it easier to manage and save images. For users who need to process a large number of images, this converter provides the function of batch modifying size, cropping, renaming, and rotating, which greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, it also supports the batch classification of images, allowing users to manage and organize images more easily. Whether you need to process individual images or process a large number of images efficiently, this image converter can provide you with a convenient and efficient solution, making your image processing work more relaxed and smooth.

Exclusive Features of Gilisoft Formathor

Format conversion

It supports the conversion of hundreds of image formats, which can easily convert image formats such as jpg, png, bmp, and gif, and also batch add files for conversion. 

Raw conversion

Not only does it support the conversion of common image formats, but also supports the quick conversion between Heic and Raw formats and other image formats, which can be operated singly or in batches.

HEIC Conversion

"HEIC Conversion" can refer to converting images in HEIC format to other common formats, such as JPEG or PNG, for use on other devices or platforms, or it can also refer to converting images in other formats to HEIC format.

Image compression

It means to reduce the size of the image file by reducing the amount of data in the image file, while trying to maintain the quality and visual effect of the image.

Image to PDF

Converting images to PDF format can integrate multiple images into one file, which is convenient for saving, sharing, and printing. This makes it easier to manage and view images, while also retaining the original quality of the images.

Batch Image size modification

A process of adjusting the dimensions of multiple images simultaneously. With this Image resizer, multiple images can be handled concurrently to have the same or different dimensions.

Batch Image cropping

You may need to crop a batch of photos to the same size, or crop multiple images according to specific rules. This function is very useful when processing a large number of images, which can improve efficiency and ensure that the cropped images have consistent size or format.

Batch Image renaming

You can rename a set of images according to certain rules to make them more easily identifiable and manageable. This feature is very convenient when it comes to renaming a large number of images, as it can save time and increase work efficiency.

Batch Image rotation

Rotate multiple images at the same or different angles. This function is very useful when it is necessary to unify the orientation of a large number of images, such as rotating all horizontally oriented images to a vertical orientation, or correcting tilted images.

Batch Image classification

Classify based on format, resolution, and time. You can put images of the same format, resolution, or shooting time together for better organization and management.

Testimonials Reviews

“Gilisoft Formathor is an amazing tool that comes with a plethora of format conversion options, allowing users to convert documents, images, and videos in various formats. It also offers audio file conversion and editing functions.”

- Min Seo-yoon

Document format conversion is a breeze with Gilisoft Formathor, as it supports the mutual conversion of PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, and other popular document formats.

- Marco Ferrari

With its powerful and comprehensive features, Gilisoft Formathor is an ideal format conversion tool for both personal and business users who need to convert and edit documents, images, videos, and audio files in various formats.

- James Wilson

“Gilisoft Formathor is a high-performing format conversion tool that offers users the convenience of converting documents, images, videos, and audio files in various formats.”

- Olivia Davis

“Thanks to its ability to convert PDF, TXT, HTML, DOC, and other popular document formats, Gilisoft Formathor is a reliable and efficient format conversion solution for any user.”

- Kim Yeon-ju

“Gilisoft Formathor boasts a wide range of image format conversion options, making it easy for users to convert BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF files effortlessly.”

- Diego Rossi

“Whether you need to convert AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, 3GP, or any other mainstream video format, Gilisoft Formathor has got you covered. Its audio conversion and editing functions make it an all-in-one tool for users who need to convert audio as well.”

- William Roberts

“By supporting the conversion of common image formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF, Gilisoft Formathor makes image format conversion quick and effortless.”

- Emily Johnson

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Awards & Accolades

  5 Stars Award at EuroDownload
    5-Star rating on it's superb functionality

Gilisoft Formathor is a remarkable software for format conversion that offers robust and stable features.
This tool is capable of converting documents, pictures, and video files in multiple formats,
and even allows editing and conversion of audio files.

  5 Stars Award at Softpedia
    Best Video Conversion Software


whether you're a personal user or running a business, Gilisoft Formathor is an ideal choice for all
your format conversion and editing needs. Its comprehensive capabilities make it a strong and
dependable tool to work with.

  5 Stars Award at SnapFiles
    Favorited by Editors with 5 stars


Gilisoft Formathor also supports the conversion between common audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, and more. It can even convert audio files to other formats or extract audio from video files

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