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PDF & WORD Encryptor

Password protecting your PDF files is indeed a good practice to ensure the security and privacy of your documents. By setting a password, you can control who can open and access the contents of the PDF, adding an extra layer of protection. We had two types of solutions before. One type was regular file encryption tools, like 7-Zip and similar software. The second type was a PDF editor, such as Acrobat or other brands like Gilisoft Formathor, available both online and offline. Today, we are offering a solution that combines the advantages of both types. This PDF Word Encryptor supports multiple platforms for encryption formats and cannot be decrypted by all brands of PDF editors. Additionally, it supports formats beyond just PDF and Word. If you require a dedicated document encryption solution, this is the one to choose. Furthermore, we also have an PDF WORD ANTI-COPY solution and a complete PDF DRM solution available for you to choose from.

Exclusive Features of PDF & WORD Encryptor

Password Protect PDF

If you apply password protection to your document, only individuals with the password will be able to access the file. While encrypting a Word Document might be the ideal choice for collaborating with others, PDF is often preferred for sending important records. However, there are some challenges involved. Not only do you need to find a secure way to share the password, but the free version of Adobe Reader does not support password protection.

Password Protect WORD File

There are many reasons to protect your Word document (docx,doc,xlsx,xls,rtf,odt,ppt,pptx) sharing, or simply because it contains sensitive information that should not be seen by unauthorized personnel. You can protect your Word document from being opened by unauthorized people, prevent further changes from being made, or only allow a read-only copy to be made available.

Password Protect WPS File

Password protecting WPS file is that it helps to keep (*.dot;*.wps;*.wpt;*.et;*.dps) safe. If someone gets their hands on your WPS file, they won't be able to view the data without knowing the password. Another benefit of password protecting an WPS file is that it can help to prevent unauthorized access to your data. By password protecting your WPS file, you can help to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your data.

Password Protect Excel Files

Unauthorized access to files raises serious security and privacy concerns that can damage the reputation of an organization or trigger other serious consequences. This unauthorized access is often a result of not protecting Excel files with passwords. If you have suffered from this problem and want to end it for good, then you have to password protect your Excel.

Password Protect Office Files

You've created an important or confidential file in Microsoft Word or Excel, and you want to keep it private or at least secure. Perhaps you want to make sure that only you and certain people can read or edit it. Maybe you want to restrict the types of modifications that someone can make to the file. Microsoft Office password protection is a security feature that allows Microsoft Office documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to be protected with a user-provided password.

Password Protect PowerPoint Files

Password protecting a PowerPoint presentation may be required in some situations, for example, if you need to prepare a confidential presentation or if you signed an NDA and need to protect your slides from other co-workers or external stakeholders. There are some ways to keep safe a PowerPoint presentation (or actually any file) you can password protect a .ppt or .pptx in PowerPoint using this PDF & Word Encryptor.

Password Protect Image Files

PDF & WORD Encryptor offers a better alternative rather than simply putting a password or passkey on a file. With it, the file can be encrypted using a highly secure AES-256 algorithm using your password. It can also protect multiple image (JPG, PNG,BMP) file formats other than PDF.

Password Protect MP4 Files

MP4 video file format does not support password protection. Video encryption software has the advantages of high encryption strength, wide format support, fast encryption speed, easy and convenient operation, security and stability, etc.

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Prevents All illegal and unwanted copying of your data. Requires single-password control, and works on all windows platforms.

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