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How to Password Protect Flash Drive?

Are you looking for a simple way to password protect the entire USB flash drive. If you ever lose it, you may don't want anyone else to be able to access any of the files on it such as audio files, video files, and other important documents.

Gilisoft has provided GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption to password protect your drives. The program is a simple encryption tool that encrypts your data on portable drives and password protects them. So in order to access this encrypted drive, you only need to provide the correct password.

The following steps will tell you how to use GiliSoft USB Encryption to password protect your flash drive.

Step 1

Run Gilisoft USB Encryption, and insert the USB flash drive that you want to password protect into the USB port of your computer.

Step 2

Choose the drive and set the size of secure area will be created. You can refer to the picture below:

Step 3

Click on the "Install" button to start creating secure area.

Step 4

Set the user name and password of the secure area and click on the "OK" button to finish the operation.

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Password protect USB drive

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